Friday, June 20, 2014



1. Is your Mum or Dad a werewolf? Then you're probably one already so you don't need to read this.
2 Wear a shaman's magical wolf cloak.
3 Drink rainwater at midnight from a werewolf's footprint.
4 Eat a lycanthropous flower. Which is what Ellis does in "WOLF MAN".

Lycanthropous flowers look like daisies, the old tales tell us. They only bloom at night, they GLOW in the dark. Here's what happens when Ellis eats one:

"Ellis plucked the lycanthropous flower off its furry stem and ate it. He'd expected it to taste foul, like rotting meat. But it tasted sweet, like honey.
Ellis felt his heart beating faster, his blood surging around his body. Curiously, he watched hairs springing from his own skin, first a few bristles, then a thick furry coat. There were seconds of searing agony as his bones crunched or lengthened, his tendons cracked. It seemed like his body was being ripped apart, then reassembled.
He dropped to all fours, opened his mouth in a scream. But only a snarl came out ....."

Click to check out these savage wolf fangs! 

Click to hear a howling wolf pack:

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