Saturday, November 22, 2014



Cover by Tony Blundell

Vampire spiders should be extinct. They're as big as small dogs and not very bright. They make modern spiders look clever. Millions of years ago they hunted in packs and chased their prey along the ground with big stabbing claws. But somehow they've survived in caves  underneath the creepy and sinister mansion "The Lair."

Illustration by Tony Blundell
Find out what happens when spider fanatic Finn and his big sister Phoebe do battle with them.  Also with the terrible Lady Withers, cruel Victorian Agony Aunt and crusher of servant girls' dreams - who's obsessed with dusting, handwriting and flannel knickerbockers. And who just can't stop giving advice even though she's been dead over a 100 years.

Illustration by Tony Blundell
Also in the story: Lord Withers, author of the famous " Pooter Hunting for Boys", Finn's favourite book.
Sadly, Lord Withers' is now just a crystallized skeleton.

Illustration by Tony Blundell
But his giant Pooter survives, which is convenient for Finn, because it's just the right weapon for catching primitive spiders alive!

Illustration by Tony Blundell

Meet also Dr. Clinton C. Clinton, Finn's hero, TV star and spider psychologist who can talk spider language and who's hiding a terrible secret.

Illustration by Tony Blundell

They're all in this funny, thrilling, creepy tale, "Invasion of the Vampire Spiders"!!