Monday, August 18, 2014


 Illustrations are by Charles Fuge

This is a picture book about Tiny Shrew. Here he is:

It's his first time outside his cosy nest. He's got a LOT to learn.

"Right," said Ma Shrew. "Let's get cracking! You need to know how to tell safe poo from scary poo."

"Pardon?" asked Tiny Shrew, puzzled.
"We shrews can't see danger," said Ma Shrew, blinking her poor, weak eyes. "But we can smell it. We just have to sniff some poo and we can tell if it's parrot poo. Or .... PANTHER POO!"
"What do we do if it's panther poo?" asked Tiny Shrew.
"RUN LIKE MAD!" said Ma Shrew.

Problem is, Tiny Shrew can't sniff the difference between safe poo and scary poo. He can't even tell if he's sniffing poo at all! 
He sniffs something.

"It's scary poo, Ma! Run for your life!" shrieked Tiny Shrew.

"Calm down," said Ma. "It's not scary poo. It's a butterfly."


 Tiny Shrew sniffs something else.

" AAAARGH! Run Ma! Run for your life!" he screamed. "It's scary panther poo!"
"You just sniffed a toad!" Mum sighed.

Ma and Pa Shrew are really worried. Their son can't smell scary poo. How will he survive in the jungle? 
But then the worst thing happens!
Tiny Shrew lands in a big pile of poo.

But is it safe poo or scary  PANTHER poo?
Tiny Shrew's life depends on knowing the difference!

Read "Run, Run It's Scary Poo!" to find out what happens.