Monday, March 31, 2014

The Animal Investigators Series

(cover illustrations:  Adam Willis)

Myths, monsters and mysteries. It's all in a day's work for expert tracker Ellis and animal mind reader Meriel.

Four "adrenalin-fuelled adventures with a dark supernatural twist."

(Published in UK and US by Usborne)

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A tattooed teenage warrior is chipped out of  a glacier where he's been frozen for five thousand years. A savage wolf with supernatural powers is terrorizing a training camp for young offenders. Can the two events be linked? Ellis and Meriel investigate ..........


Meriel and Ellis investigate a pack of ghost dogs in a forest which leads them to their leader, a feral boy called Blue, who has lethal powers .........


 Giant Jurassic spiders that hunt in packs like wolves are loose in an eco dome. They capture Ellis and take him as an offering to their monstrous spider Queen. Only Meriel, with her animal mind reading skills, can save him. 


A half-crazed boy turns up at Animal Investigators HQ. He claims his town has been enslaved by an army of killer gulls commanded by the super-smart psycho gull Red Eye.

 Meriel and Ellis think it's a joke. Until they go there .........   

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