Saturday, November 22, 2014



Cover by Tony Blundell

Vampire spiders should be extinct. They're as big as small dogs and not very bright. They make modern spiders look clever. Millions of years ago they hunted in packs and chased their prey along the ground with big stabbing claws. But somehow they've survived in caves  underneath the creepy and sinister mansion "The Lair."

Illustration by Tony Blundell
Find out what happens when spider fanatic Finn and his big sister Phoebe do battle with them.  Also with the terrible Lady Withers, cruel Victorian Agony Aunt and crusher of servant girls' dreams - who's obsessed with dusting, handwriting and flannel knickerbockers. And who just can't stop giving advice even though she's been dead over a 100 years.

Illustration by Tony Blundell
Also in the story: Lord Withers, author of the famous " Pooter Hunting for Boys", Finn's favourite book.
Sadly, Lord Withers' is now just a crystallized skeleton.

Illustration by Tony Blundell
But his giant Pooter survives, which is convenient for Finn, because it's just the right weapon for catching primitive spiders alive!

Illustration by Tony Blundell

Meet also Dr. Clinton C. Clinton, Finn's hero, TV star and spider psychologist who can talk spider language and who's hiding a terrible secret.

Illustration by Tony Blundell

They're all in this funny, thrilling, creepy tale, "Invasion of the Vampire Spiders"!!

Monday, August 18, 2014


 Illustrations are by Charles Fuge

This is a picture book about Tiny Shrew. Here he is:

It's his first time outside his cosy nest. He's got a LOT to learn.

"Right," said Ma Shrew. "Let's get cracking! You need to know how to tell safe poo from scary poo."

"Pardon?" asked Tiny Shrew, puzzled.
"We shrews can't see danger," said Ma Shrew, blinking her poor, weak eyes. "But we can smell it. We just have to sniff some poo and we can tell if it's parrot poo. Or .... PANTHER POO!"
"What do we do if it's panther poo?" asked Tiny Shrew.
"RUN LIKE MAD!" said Ma Shrew.

Problem is, Tiny Shrew can't sniff the difference between safe poo and scary poo. He can't even tell if he's sniffing poo at all! 
He sniffs something.

"It's scary poo, Ma! Run for your life!" shrieked Tiny Shrew.

"Calm down," said Ma. "It's not scary poo. It's a butterfly."


 Tiny Shrew sniffs something else.

" AAAARGH! Run Ma! Run for your life!" he screamed. "It's scary panther poo!"
"You just sniffed a toad!" Mum sighed.

Ma and Pa Shrew are really worried. Their son can't smell scary poo. How will he survive in the jungle? 
But then the worst thing happens!
Tiny Shrew lands in a big pile of poo.

But is it safe poo or scary  PANTHER poo?
Tiny Shrew's life depends on knowing the difference!

Read "Run, Run It's Scary Poo!" to find out what happens.

Friday, June 20, 2014



1. Is your Mum or Dad a werewolf? Then you're probably one already so you don't need to read this.
2 Wear a shaman's magical wolf cloak.
3 Drink rainwater at midnight from a werewolf's footprint.
4 Eat a lycanthropous flower. Which is what Ellis does in "WOLF MAN".

Lycanthropous flowers look like daisies, the old tales tell us. They only bloom at night, they GLOW in the dark. Here's what happens when Ellis eats one:

"Ellis plucked the lycanthropous flower off its furry stem and ate it. He'd expected it to taste foul, like rotting meat. But it tasted sweet, like honey.
Ellis felt his heart beating faster, his blood surging around his body. Curiously, he watched hairs springing from his own skin, first a few bristles, then a thick furry coat. There were seconds of searing agony as his bones crunched or lengthened, his tendons cracked. It seemed like his body was being ripped apart, then reassembled.
He dropped to all fours, opened his mouth in a scream. But only a snarl came out ....."

Click to check out these savage wolf fangs! 

Click to hear a howling wolf pack:

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Animal Investigators Series

(cover illustrations:  Adam Willis)

Myths, monsters and mysteries. It's all in a day's work for expert tracker Ellis and animal mind reader Meriel.

Four "adrenalin-fuelled adventures with a dark supernatural twist."

(Published in UK and US by Usborne)

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A tattooed teenage warrior is chipped out of  a glacier where he's been frozen for five thousand years. A savage wolf with supernatural powers is terrorizing a training camp for young offenders. Can the two events be linked? Ellis and Meriel investigate ..........


Meriel and Ellis investigate a pack of ghost dogs in a forest which leads them to their leader, a feral boy called Blue, who has lethal powers .........


 Giant Jurassic spiders that hunt in packs like wolves are loose in an eco dome. They capture Ellis and take him as an offering to their monstrous spider Queen. Only Meriel, with her animal mind reading skills, can save him. 


A half-crazed boy turns up at Animal Investigators HQ. He claims his town has been enslaved by an army of killer gulls commanded by the super-smart psycho gull Red Eye.

 Meriel and Ellis think it's a joke. Until they go there .........   

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Making Monsters Happy

Illustration by Steve May

A book of three stories about MONSTERS!

Even monsters get sad sometimes. Lucky for them, Manu is a Monster Helper. Can he put a smile on the faces of Werewolf,

Illustration by Steve May


Illustration by Steve May

...... and Monster Tomato?

Illustration by Steve May

It's a hard job but someone's got to do it!

 Jeremy Strong says: What a rib-tickler! Would you be brave enough to help a monster? Manu is!

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